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Protesters Demanding the Departure of Haitian President Michel Martelly – RFI


President Michel Martelly has resumed talks with the various political parties, but his most radical opponents refuse any further dialogue and are demanding his departure from power. Assad Volcy, a leader of the group “Pitit Dessalines” or “Children of Dessalines” says they’ve rejected an invitation for a meeting today stating that there will not be credible, honest and democratic elections in the country with Martelly still in power. It seems as if clean political direction is an impossibility in this country as they refuse the president to finish his term properly. They claim to be fighting corruption albeit with more corruption and are willing to leave the door open for a truly crooked political figure to lead us back into the red. Michel Martelly who was democratically elected in May of 2011 should be serving the duration of his term which ends Q1 2016. For more details, click the link below.

IDB Grants $36 million for Haitian Tourism Development | TravelPulse

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The grant will enable Haiti’s government to implement “a well-planned tourism program featuring a combination of infrastructure development, job training and government capacity building,” officials said.Haiti faces well-documented economic challenges, notes IDB. “More than 80 percent of rural inhabitants scrape by as subsistence farmers and just 60 percent work in the formal job sector,” said officials. Moreover, the country struggles to “combat the effects of climate change and other natural disasters, environmental degradation from deforestation, overfishing, and improper disposal of solid waste,” said IDB.As a result, environmental cleanup will account for 71 percent of grant expenditures, IDB officials. E grant will also fund rehabilitation of historic sites and construction of artisan markets and other cultural spaces.In addition, 12 percent of grant funds will fund the training of hospitality, excursion, and entertainment workers and local tourism authority development. via | TravelPulse


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